The Equine Assisted Learning program helps children dealing with mental, emotional, and social challenges develop the personal skills needed to live a full, happy, and productive life. Activities with the horses are ground-based, which provides the foundation for a relationship between horse and child. 

EAL programs come in many forms, including:

  • Group sessions;

  • Private individual sessions;

  • Single or multi-day field trips and workshops. 

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Adaptive Riding is a proven technique for children with a variety of physical, emotional and mental disabilities. 

Physically, the gentle and rhythmic motion of a horse's gait increases the rider's muscle strength while also improving coordination, balance and flexibility. For children with emotional or mental disabilities, the special bond formed with a horse can lead to increased self-confidence; enhanced self-esteem; improved decision-making and social skills; increased patience, and a strong sense of achievement.

NOTE: The Adaptive Riding Program is on temporary hold while we focus on developing the Equine Assisted Learning Program. We will resume Adaptive Riding Lessons as soon as feasible.