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Our Programs

The Equine Assisted Learning Program is no longer available.

The Equine Assisted Learning program helps children dealing with mental, emotional, and social challenges develop the personal skills needed to live full, happy, and productive lives. Activities with the horses are ground-based, which provides the foundation for a relationship between horse and child. 

EAL programs come in many forms, including:

  • Group sessions;

  • Private individual sessions;

  • Single or multi-day field trips and workshops. 

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Adaptive Riding Program


Adaptive Riding is a proven technique for children with a variety of physical, emotional and mental disabilities. 

Physically, the gentle and rhythmic motion of a horse's gait increases the rider's muscle strength while also improving coordination, balance and flexibility. For children with emotional or mental disabilities, the special bond formed with a horse can lead to increased self-confidence; enhanced self-esteem; improved decision-making and social skills; increased patience, and a strong sense of achievement.

NOTE: The Adaptive Riding Program is no longer available.

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