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English style hunter/jumper instruction has been an integral part of the Horses for Healing program since the doors first opened in 1991. The program includes such equestrian activities as individual and group lessons, day camps, and participation in competitive shows both here locally as well as nationally.

The Sports Riding Program caters to all levels of riding from beginners to advanced lessons focusing on building safe and correct horsemanship skills both unmounted and mounted.

Beginner riders will learn safety and independence around horses while grooming, tacking, and riding. We build a strong foundation in early riding skills such as steering, making the horse go forward when asked as well as stop when asked, leg and core strength through different exercises while mounted, as well as beginning to learn the forward riding system. Students will learn to trot on the lunge line then move to independent work on the rail at the walk and trot.

Intermediate riders will continue to grow their independence while remaining safe around the horses while grooming, tacking, and riding. These riders will have more independence while riding on the rail at both the walk and trot and begin to learn the canter on the lunge line as well as some small jumps. Riders will continue to build leg and core strength while riding as well as be introduced to more complicated exercises while mounted. They will also be growing their knowledge unmounted by learning more about their horse’s body, feeding habits, and care. These riders will begin to compete once they are ready.

Advanced riders will be expected to catch, groom, and tack their horse with minimal help from staff. These riders will be completely independent on the rail at the walk, trot, canter, and over small to large jumps. Students will continue building strength while mounted, strong flatwork skills, and more complicated jumping techniques. They will also grow their knowledge about equine care and maintenance. These students will be ready to complete both locally and nationally if they chose.

Horses for Healing takes great pride in the knowledge we share with these budding equestrians and strive to teach students all we know while maintaining a safe environment to learn and grow.