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7 year old Thoroughbred gelding

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16 year old Haflinger gelding

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We’re the equines at Horses for Healing! We work with, on average, 450 children each year in thousands of lesson hours. Not only do we need hay and water, many of us also need grain and supplements to help our joints stay healthy.

Our years of experience make us safe for our children with special needs, but that also means many of us are older when we come to work here and have special care needs of our own!

Not only do we need to be fed, we also get our hooves trimmed every six weeks, and the chiropractor helps our backs to stay strong and balanced so we’re as comfortable as possible for our riders. All of this care can cost more than $2,000 each year.

If you have it in your heart to help a child stay in the saddle, please consider a contribution to the sponsorship of a horse!

For a sponsorship of $2000 or more, we’ll post your name as a sponsor for that horse on our website and you will get a tax deductible receipt. While you can sponsor any of our horses, the ones below don’t have a sponsor, yet.

To sponsor any horse, click on the sponsor button under the horse you desire to sponsor and you will be directed to a secure site to make a sponsorship donation via major credit cards, debit cards or PayPal.

We thank you for your support!

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26 year old bay Arabian mare

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18 year old Quarter Horse gelding

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20 year old Pinto gelding

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27 year old Appaloosa gelding

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11 year old Quarter Horse gelding

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14 year old Paint mare

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19 year old Shetland gelding

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Pancho – 13 year old Donkey gelding

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Mojo – 13 year old Donkey gelding

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28 year old Sport Horse mare

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We have Sponsors, but would love another !


17 yr old black and white Paint gelding

Sponsor: Patsy Mooney, Marilee McInnis, Tara House

Jay Jay

25 Yr old Haflinger gelding

Sponsor: Patricia Moriarty, Tara House, Marilee McInnis


18 yr old POA gelding

Sponsor: Patsy Mooney


19 Yr Old Paint gelding

Sponsor: Kathryn Fairchild


22 yr old POA gelding

Sponsor: Patsy Mooney


11 yr old chestnut and white Paint gelding

Sponsor: Jim Necessary


14 yr old Paint cross gelding

Sponsor: Derek Turner


19 yr old Quarter Horse gelding

Sponsor: Patsy Mooney